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Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment Planning

Emotional and organic conditions, chemical dependency, dual diagnosis, PTSD, relationship problems, psychological factors affecting physical conditions, psychosomatic disorders and personality traits.

Specialty Areas

Complex Mental, Physical and Psychological Evaluation:

  • Expert in evaluating law enforcement personnel; teachers, physicians, and other health care professionals
  • Evaluation of personal injury
  • Evaluation of rape, psychological trauma
  • Risk assessment regarding violence or suicidal potential
  • Malpractice and standard of care consultation

Corporate and Human Resource Consultation:

  • Fitness-for-duty evaluation, monitoring and case management
  • Critical incident debriefing
  • Drug-free workplace consultation
  • Violence and suicide risk assessment and prevention
  • Policy development and strategic process consultation
  • Hiring, termination, and employment disputes
  • Racial or sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Disability retirement
  • Hiring and termination disputes
  • Disability evaluation
  • Team building

Managed Behavioral Health Care:

  • Quality assurance case management
  • Litigation review and quality assurance case management
  • Managed care insurance & EAP client systems consultation

Forensic Evaluation:

  • Expert consultation and evaluation
  • Trial testimony

Psychiatric Consultation

Industrial and Organizational Consultation

Professional Development Courses, Workshops and In-Service Seminars

Training and Supervision of Physicians and Mental Health Professionals