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Norman T. Reynolds, MD

Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association

In today's rapidly changing business, legal and medical environments, there are increasing needs for interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving that include comprehensive, integrated psychiatric consultation. Problems can variously involve substance abuse, mental illness, personality conflicts including disruptive behavior, or medical issues, singularly or in combination. Dr. Reynolds is a nationally recognized expert in providing Comprehensive Psychiatric Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations. Occupational Medicine State of the Art Reviews published Dr. Reynolds' approach to conducting fitness-for-duty evaluations. The chapter provides guidance for when to refer, discusses issues of confidentiality, and lists indicators of employee behavioral / performance impairment.

Comprehensive Psychiatric (Medical) Consulting Services has a tradition of providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to problems, balancing respect for the needs and interests of all involved parties. Dr. Reynolds is committed to developing and supporting work environments that enhance psychological well-being and corporate productivity.

Service with integrity:

  • Preserving dignity and respect for those evaluated
  • Identifying crucial issues
  • Understanding causes and origins of problems
  • Providing innovative solutions and remedies
  • Preventing recurrences
  • Avoiding protracted disputes and litigation